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jiri m.r. katter by kerstin zu pan 2022
© Kerstin zu Pan


How do you create new and timeless
classics in furniture?

Through pursuing unorthodox paths and ideas. Which is exactly what Jiri M.R. Katter has constantly done by means of various innovative and successful business ventures since the age of 17.

Being a lover and profound connoisseur of modern design, his ambitions finally took him to launch katter®_furniture in 2001 – a platform allowing the passionate autodidact to create sophisticated objects and furniture that would meet his high standards with regard to quality and aesthetics.

Soon afterwards, with creations like the sideBow or the dogBar, katter® has not only become living proof that an "outsider" could be successful in the established design cosmos – but did also receive the highest recognition in the design segment: being plagiarized over and over again by the competition.

p r o j e c t s
setBase XL (dj-table), dogBar (feeding bowl), catBar, dogBar S (feeding bowl), beBoard (modular shelving system), setBase 2.0 (dj-table), beBoard 2.0 (modular shelving system), fake-ups (stickers for MacBooks), noteBar (notebook-table), forestBe (picture holder), bedBase (bed frame), dogBar M sngl (feeding bowl), dogBase (dog bed), plantBar (plant holder), sideBow S (sideboard), sideBow LT (lounge table), bookBe (side table), glassesBar (glasses holdBe (chairder), oysterBase (arm chair), leafBar (side table), shelfBase (shelving system), steckBar (power socket), hangBe (modular wardrobe), catBar sngl (feeding bowl), dogBar S sngl (feeding bowl), wallBowl (key rack), jazzBe (table), mouldBe (chair), comfyBase a.k.a praktisch (breakfast tray), tabBarry (table) (...)

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F A Q s

• Jiri M.R. Katter stands for Jiri Massimo René Katter and is the native name, not an artist name
• Jiri is spoken like Giro(-account), but at the end with "i"
• the inner capital "B" is the recognition mark of its product names